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About Holly

Founder Holly enjoyed an active lifestyle at an early age and spent time horse riding, trampolining, participating in athletics competitions, Judo, Ice-skating and Netball tournaments.

She was inspired to become a physical therapist after seeking natural and safe treatments whilst experiencing personal health issues of Facial Paralysis, Burnout and Insomnia.


Reduces chronic & acute pain

Improves flexibility in the muscles

Stimulates blood circulation & lymphatic drainage

Increases range of motion in joints

Eases muscle soreness after exercise

Prevents injuries caused by overuse

Promotes self-awareness

Reduces the effects of stress

Stimulates the release of feel good chemicals Serotonin & Oxytocin

Don’t just take our word for it

Kerryn Page
Kerryn Page
I have had a long term issue with my back and hip. Holly was amazing and diagnosing the problem of muscular issues immediately and outlining a clear and effective solution . I improved from the very first session onwards. Hollys after care is amazing. She is so willing to help and definitely cares about her clients.
Louise Norman
Louise Norman
Holly has massively helped me with my lower back/hip pain. With a combination of massage and acupuncture, I now find walking, standing and exercise so much easier. I have also struggled with tight calf muscles and hamstrings - Holly has again freed all of this up with hot cups and massage. Even my long standing stiff neck feels so much better. I cannot recommend Holly enough.
Marc Castiel
Marc Castiel
Holly has been great. I came to her with an issue on my left hip. Seemed like sciatic pain but Holly identified quite quickly that it's my Piriformis that's the main problem. Treatment is going great and I have some exercises to do at home which will help speed up my recovery. Thought I would just come for some basic relief through a sports massage but Holly has provided me soo much more. She's very experienced and has made me feel relaxed like I've known her for years. Will definitely be getting more treatments in the future. You won't regret coming to HGR Therapy and seeing Holly!
Tom Jeanes
Tom Jeanes
Had a long term issue with my back and Holly was brilliant at diagnosing the muscular issues and outlining a clear and effective programme to resolve. Problem improved from the very first session onwards. Highly recommended
When I first started treatment with Holly I'd had a headache for 2 weeks that was linked to my neck. I'd seen osteopaths but it had not shifted. I also suffer with lower back and hip pain. Two days after my first treatment my headache was gone and I've had a huge reduction in them since seeing her. I like the way each session Holly listens to any new pain or improvements I've had and each session is different not just the same massage each week. Highly recommend!
Cana Bamin
Cana Bamin
I had my first session with Holly yesterday at the Brownings farm workshop. The clinic is very well put together and brings a very profound and cosy vibe. Holly was excellent and it didn’t take long to tell how experienced she is in the industry. Will definitely be visiting again.
Holly is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to get to the heart of my pains. Her methods vary every time and always leave feeling much better.
Holly Moore
Holly Moore
I initially went to Holly with an isolated shoulder issue from a gym injury. She used both dry needling and cupping methods prior to an extensive sports massage. I was given certain exercises to help my recovery and I was soon back into gym workouts. Nearly a year later I returned with a much larger issue - tendinitis in my achilles. Unfortunately the injury prevented me from entering a competition however with weekly sessions Holly allowed for a much shorter recovery than initially suspected. Holly is very personable - ensuring all the history is written down meaning little to no repeating of any injury history chat. I am now in a more sports therapy maintenance and really enjoy a general sports massage keeping me on top of the doms!! Would highly recommend booking in and a price point that is reasonable.
Scarlett Hopking
Scarlett Hopking
After a foolish knee injury last September, Holly was professional and knowledgeable aiding my recovery. I would highly recommend her expertise.

Conditions that can benefit

Postural Imbalances

Headaches & Migraines

Back Pain & Sciatica

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Muscular Spasm & Cramp

Whiplash & Neck Pain

Ligament Sprain

Muscle Strain

Sports Injuries

Facial Paralysis