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I met Holly a few years ago at a Sky Pilates retreat in Gran Canaria. She is FANTASTIC! Having injured a tendon in my forearm the year previously I had been to numerous physios and massage therapists who were unable to relieve the pain. Within 3 sessions, Holly was able to both diagnose and ease the pain and it no longer gives me any grief! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jonny Moore, Director

I have known Holly for 5 years and have had several excellent treatments from her, which have lasting benefits. As a fellow Massage Therapist and very fussy about whom I use to treat me, I can honestly say that Holly is one of the few people I return to. Holly is very professional, knowledgeable and attentive having a holistic approach to her work.

Claire Webster, CW Therapies

I consulted Holly when I was having problems with tennis elbow. She visited my house and diagnosed that the problem was connected to my shoulder and neck. She then treated me in various ways and gave me exercises to aid my recovery. Although it was a slow process (I had allowed it to get to a severe point by continuing to play Padel tennis) I eventually felt the benefits in my neck, and shoulders and of course, I no longer suffer from tennis elbow. The relief after having treatment was enormous as it had been impacting on my life.

Ali Grimwade, Head of Key Stage 1

Having played a lot of sport (football and golf), as well as standing up and teaching all day, my back had quite a few strains. Thanks to Holly, the massages really helped it. Holly is extremely professional and really listens to your needs and talks it through with you. Holly makes you feel at ease and her bubbly and friendly personality ticks all the boxes you would have for someone trying to help you. I can’t speak highly enough of her and thank her for everything she has done to help me continue to play sport without the pain.”

Glenn Davies

Holly has been instrumental in instigating and embedding the “Massage in School” programme throughout the primary department. Developing her previous qualifications and experience, after training as a Massage in School therapist, she introduced the programme into the school with super results. After training the staff in the programme and then working with them, Holly always ensured that guidelines and boundaries were in place at all times for both staff and students. Holly brought an extra dimension to our well-being and SMSC provision through the massage programme. The children really enjoy the sessions, but it also teaches them about self-consciousness, well-being, strategies and relaxation, all of which are much needed in our current climate.
Holly is professional, dedicated, confidential and passionate and this shines through in her enthusiasm to teach and help the children. I thoroughly recommend Holly as a massage therapist – her smile is as infectious as her therapy for the students!
Janice S. Head of Bilingual Primary School, Gran Canaria

I first met Holly in Gran Canaria when I was on a Yoga and Pilates retreat. Wow – what a massage. Holly is an intuitive therapist with magic hands and a knack for finding just the right spot that you never knew needed adjusting! What I like about Holly is that she really cares – she listens to what you say and you absolutely feel that it is her mission to help alleviate the aches and pains you came to her with. She is very experienced with a number of different techniques/skills in her armoury and she seamlessly adapts and chooses the best massage solution for you, for that visit, so you get exactly what you need each time you visit her – whether it’s deep tissue massage, cupping, Acupressure or simply a relaxing and uplifting massage.  

After each treatment with Holly I feel inches taller, relaxed and Holly always has good advice on things that I need to be doing on a regular basis to keep improving my posture and to prevent aches and pains. Whilst I am disappointed not to see Holly on my future retreats in Gran Canaria I am delighted that she is now back and practicing in the UK as I will be able to visit for treatment whenever I need! I have no hesitation in recommending Holly – and frequently do!
Heather M. Yateley

Holly introduced the Massage for Schools programme to our school with great success! 
 Holly delivered the Programme in her usual friendly, calm manner. 
The children really enjoyed the sessions and learning different massage techniques. 
They also learnt the benefits of massage and enjoyed it’s calming effects. 
 The school has continued with Holly’s massage programme and the children are continuing down this mindful path and reaping the rewards. 
 Thank you Holly!
Deborah Whitsey, Primary school teacher

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Kerryn Page
Kerryn Page
I have had a long term issue with my back and hip. Holly was amazing and diagnosing the problem of muscular issues immediately and outlining a clear and effective solution . I improved from the very first session onwards. Hollys after care is amazing. She is so willing to help and definitely cares about her clients.
Louise Norman
Louise Norman
Holly has massively helped me with my lower back/hip pain. With a combination of massage and acupuncture, I now find walking, standing and exercise so much easier. I have also struggled with tight calf muscles and hamstrings - Holly has again freed all of this up with hot cups and massage. Even my long standing stiff neck feels so much better. I cannot recommend Holly enough.
Marc Castiel
Marc Castiel
Holly has been great. I came to her with an issue on my left hip. Seemed like sciatic pain but Holly identified quite quickly that it's my Piriformis that's the main problem. Treatment is going great and I have some exercises to do at home which will help speed up my recovery. Thought I would just come for some basic relief through a sports massage but Holly has provided me soo much more. She's very experienced and has made me feel relaxed like I've known her for years. Will definitely be getting more treatments in the future. You won't regret coming to HGR Therapy and seeing Holly!
Tom Jeanes
Tom Jeanes
Had a long term issue with my back and Holly was brilliant at diagnosing the muscular issues and outlining a clear and effective programme to resolve. Problem improved from the very first session onwards. Highly recommended
When I first started treatment with Holly I'd had a headache for 2 weeks that was linked to my neck. I'd seen osteopaths but it had not shifted. I also suffer with lower back and hip pain. Two days after my first treatment my headache was gone and I've had a huge reduction in them since seeing her. I like the way each session Holly listens to any new pain or improvements I've had and each session is different not just the same massage each week. Highly recommend!
Cana Bamin
Cana Bamin
I had my first session with Holly yesterday at the Brownings farm workshop. The clinic is very well put together and brings a very profound and cosy vibe. Holly was excellent and it didn’t take long to tell how experienced she is in the industry. Will definitely be visiting again.
Holly is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to get to the heart of my pains. Her methods vary every time and always leave feeling much better.
Holly Moore
Holly Moore
I initially went to Holly with an isolated shoulder issue from a gym injury. She used both dry needling and cupping methods prior to an extensive sports massage. I was given certain exercises to help my recovery and I was soon back into gym workouts. Nearly a year later I returned with a much larger issue - tendinitis in my achilles. Unfortunately the injury prevented me from entering a competition however with weekly sessions Holly allowed for a much shorter recovery than initially suspected. Holly is very personable - ensuring all the history is written down meaning little to no repeating of any injury history chat. I am now in a more sports therapy maintenance and really enjoy a general sports massage keeping me on top of the doms!! Would highly recommend booking in and a price point that is reasonable.
Scarlett Hopking
Scarlett Hopking
After a foolish knee injury last September, Holly was professional and knowledgeable aiding my recovery. I would highly recommend her expertise.